Interns, you need to step your game up!

Over here at Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service we are organising an internship program for this summer and because this year the interns will be working on the project I work on and I am going to be one of the 2 or 3 mentors, I had the opportunity to actively participate in the interviewing process and the selection of the candidates. First of all, it is true that all beginnings are terribly hard, especially if you are in the first years of university and have no actual work experience. You might have done the mandatory exercises and projects and you've

Solving the Jetty file locking problem when starting it programmatically

In the past few weeks I was required to create a prototype for the frontend of a project and because the focus is only on the frontend, I've chosen Jetty to create a simple mock server that would respond with simple JSON messages or stream some image files. I also use Jetty to serve the static files, like static images, CSS, JS that I am continuously modifying while developing the new frontend. Because I am developing on Windows, I have run quite soon into the file locking problem. The solution is to simply set the useFileMappedBuffer parameter false. While this

Home automation on a budget - Orvibo S20

At the end of 2014 one of my dreams came true, when I have bought my first apartment which after staying in rented properties for ~8 years, I could finally call my home. Even though real estate prices were not as high as before 2008, they were still way too high for me, as I would never have enough courage to get into debt for 30 years... Instead I've opted for a loan with a period of just 4 years and have bought an apartment in a village 5 kilometers from Cluj-Napoca: Floresti. Because the prices in this area will

Motivation at the workplace - and the lack of it

Have you ever felt bored at your workplace? Horrible feeling, isn't it? Especially if you have some tasks to work on, but you just don't have the energy to do it. The easiest fix to this problem is to just go home earlier that day (if the company policy allows it) and do something you really love. These long afternoons may help dealing with demotivation at work at that moment, but not always works on the long run. A new job? A good way to deal with demotivation at work is going to several interviews and eventually changing your workplace.

Personal finance - we're doing it all wrong

To be honest, I did not hear about personal financing until I started working. I had some idea about saving, because I've always been saving for something when I was a child: a new bike, a new computer or after I have turned 18, a car. But I shouldn't be surprised, since in this corner of the world only a few people have some financial education and the chances that you have such a person in your circles who could act as a role model in this area are very low. Unfortunately in our country most people don't trust the

How I blocked most ads on all devices connected to my network

Even though I already suffer from complete ad-blindness, sometimes they still annoy me, especially when it comes to mobile apps when a whole screen filled with ads just pops up randomly. Not to mention those sneaky pop-ups/pop-unders in your browser. I've tried different ad blockers, both on Windows/Ubuntu and Android, but wasn't very happy with them. I own a pretty rusty modem, which I am not willing to replace, as I already got holes drilled in my wall, so I could hang it. Fortunately my TL-WR741ND v1 is still able to run DD-WRT or OpenWrt. So the first