Speeding up Eclipse

Do you usually ask questions during an interview about the computer and other hardware you will be using if you get the job? And about the software? Well, I didn't, and after using IntelliJ Idea from the beginnings and never having less than 8 gigs of RAM in my machines, I woke up with a laptop with 4GB RAM and Eclipse. I absolutely hated it. In the first two weeks I have tried learning the new key bindings, but gave up on it when the operating system was reinstalled and my list of the Eclipse hot-keys saved in Sticky Notes

Should we accept freelance projects to work on after our daily work?

I am pretty sure each software developer has been thinking at least once about dumping his/her workplace and getting into freelancing. I have always been dreaming about being my own boss, being able to accept only projects that are really interesting and of course having a flexible schedule. And by flexible schedule I mean to be able to work 3 hours one day and 12 on the next. Or working two hours from 7 to 9 in the morning and then again work a few hours in the evenings. This is a dream for most of us, but we

Using Cucumber in Java unit testing

While working in Ruby at my previous workplace we were required to write unit tests using RSpec and end-to-end tests using Cucumber and Watir webdriver. I wasn't a big fan nor am I today of writing tests, but for some reason I just loved Cucumber. We wrote them together with the members of the QA and it was fun, because we both were thinking about all the possible cases to test and not about the way the tests were going to be implemented. Furthermore, it was clear for everybody what I wanted to test, as the scenarios were written in

Why I don't write comments anymore

I remember when I was 16 and I started writing my first web application (actually just a simple PHP page that processed some inputs from a form) in PHP. I didn't really know PHP at all, I have started reading some basic tutorials and then sat down to put in practice what I just learned. I have been familiar with pascal at that time, so I knew how to achieve what I wanted, but I didn't know the PHP statements, so after finding the right statement I have added a line comment after it, so that I would know what

Creating REST web services with Apache Wink on Tomcat

Wink is the JAX-RS implementation from Apache. I have never used it in a real-life project, but I thought it would be a good idea to create a small, dummy example as I did with RESTEasy and Jersey before just to see how easy/hard it is to get started with it. First of all, let's import the dependencies. We need to list wink-server in our pom.xml. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://maven.apache.

RESTful Web Service example on Tomcat using Jersey

Previously I have published a small example of a RESTful Web Service in Java using RESTEasy and JBoss. Today I have created another example, which uses Jersey and may be deployed on Tomcat... Jersey is the implementation of the JAX-RS from Oracle, so if I want to deploy a REST services on a simple web server, such as Tomcat, which does not come with any implementation of the JAX-RS, this is what I personally would use. First of all we need to list our dependecies in the pom.xml. We need to add both com.sun.jersey.jersey-server and com.