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Author: László Gazsi

My first steps on the stock market

I’ve always been interested in creating and preserving value, but lately I am also looking for ways that would allow me to retire early – at least earlier than 65, which is the official age at the moment in Romania – and would allow me not to fully depend on a day job or a pension from the state. Being a minimalist helps a lot in keeping the balance between expenses and savings in control, but in the current economic climate it is quite hard for the average person to preserve the value of his savings. Banks give an interest rate well below the rate of inflation, so keeping my money in bank deposits is not an option for long term… 

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WordPress plugin development: AstroKarten

Although in the past I did quite a lot of small freelance jobs, I became too comfortable just doing my full-time job and nothing more, even though working on the same project for years does not give you that fulfillment small and interesting projects can give. After returning from our holiday in Greece, I still had a few days off work, so I thought I would try my luck on UpWork. I knew it was going to be difficult, especially as I have no ratings and didn’t work a minute on the site, but I got lucky…

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How to change default folders on Ubuntu

Ubuntu, just like any version of Windows comes with some predefined folders, like Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures or Videos that are all pointing to locations inside the Home folder. I just find so easy to use them, because it helps me be a bit more organized and because it comes with custom icons, it is really easy to differentiate them. But I had a slight issue with them, because my Home folder is on an SSD drive with limited storage, I cannot use them to actually store large downloads or videos in them, so here’s how I changed the path of those shortcuts to point to folders created on my 500GB HDD.


How did I manage not to buy anything on Black Friday?

I don’t remember if I’ve ever bought anything on Black Friday. Except in 2014, when I’ve bought my own apartment and we were going to move in in December. Back then we ordered the necessary home appliances (fridge, washing machine, stove) on Black Friday. I don’t know how much money we saved on those, as I didn’t track the prices for months prior the big day, we just ordered them because we would have bought them anyway a week or two later. But except for that one year I didn’t buy anything… Want to know how I did it?

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How to migrate your blog from Ghost Pro to WordPress

I’ve been using Ghost Pro for my personal blog in the past two and a half years, but time has come to move back to the good old WordPress. The Ghost Pro platform is incredibly easy to use and when I gave it a try I simply wanted a blog to publish my ideas on without the hassle of maintaining it, like updating WordPress and themes and plugins and solving compatibility issues. For that my Ghost Pro subscription was perfect. Although some AdSense ads do appear on this site, it hardly generates any revenue, so the monthly 29$ subscription had to go…

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WebSocket example in Java

WebSocket is a communication protocol providing a bi-directional communication channel between client and server. It allows us to directly send a message to the clients whenever something changes on the server side and we want all clients to be notified. Let’s see the skeleton for a simple WebSocket example in Java.

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How I make my commutes more productive

Because I’ve chosen to buy an apartment outside of the city, I spend at least one hour commuting per day, even more if I decide to sleep a little more and have to make my trip to my workplace during the rush hour. In those cases the time I spend commuting multiplies. When you think about how much time you spend to get to your workplace and back home, you’ll find out that you may “waste” even 7-8 hours per week. I say that time is wasted, because I’m sitting in my car doing nothing. If I were going on foot or by bike, I’d say it’s useful, because I am also doing some exercise, but this way, I’m just wasting precious time every day.

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