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Author: László Gazsi

It’s official, I’m a job hopper…

I think time has come for me to confess for myself that I have become a job hopper. No kidding, I hardly have 4 years of experience actually working for companies and this is already my 4th workplace. Yikes! My average time spent at a company is not even a whole year! The longest time I have spent working for a company is only one year and six months. Now it seems very little time, but when you do the same thing every day for more than a year, it seems like an eternity…

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My experience with pair programming

The last summer I got a pretty awesome offer from a company in Sibiu and decided to give it a try, so after one and a half year at Wolters Kluwer (former FRS Global) in Cluj I have started working at Colt Technology Services in Sibiu, where I had the opportunity to learn new technologies and methodologies, one of them being pair programming. Although I am not fond of it, I have to admit that there are situations when it has its advantages…

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Ext JS 4 – Set custom idProperty for DataStore when fields are given

In EXT JS 4 there still is a chance to pass only the fields and data directly to the DataStore when you construct it, instead of passing a model. Ext JS is then creating an internal model from the fields passed. Now, the problem is that Ext JS is going to append an identifier field ‘id’, if there is no field given with that name. If our identifier field has other name, like ‘customID’, then it causes a lot of trouble when it comes to getting the record with a given identifier (getById). Unfortunately there is no way to specify which field we’d like to use as identifier in this case.

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Add custom HTTP header to an Axis 2 SOAP request

A few days ago I had a challenging task in Java: I had to add a custom header to my SOAP request using Axis 2. But the custom header had to be passed as a HTTP header, not in the SOAP Envelope, since it was used by a Filter and it had nothing to do with the rest of the request. The Filter simply gets a ServletRequest, gets the extra parameter from the HTTP header and does something with it, without having to parse the SOAP Envelope. It’s not that hard to do, there is documentation on this issue, but because there can hardly be found a good example, one may waste several hours trying different solutions.

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WordPress update error

A few days ago one of my previous client has contacted me and complained about not being able to auto-update two of his WordPress-based websites. I thought it was some file permission problem, probably the directory the update script was going to be saved was not writable, so I’ve told him to set the permissions of the upgrade folder to 777 and try updating his WordPress again, but didn’t solve the problem…

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PHP – load session by a given session ID

Last week I have bumped into a small problem that caused me a few hours head ache… I had a desktop application written in Adobe AIR and a server offering web services in PHP. The users of the desktop application could log in and their session variables had to be stored on the server. The only data the desktop application stored was the session ID returned by the web service after logging in.

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