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Month: December 2017

Create a zip/tar/tar.gz/tar.bz2 archive with Maven

Until now all I had to generate form Maven was either a JAR file, or a WAR for web apps or EAR for enterprise applications. But this week I got a new task: I had to export the frontend (HTML, CSS, JS and all other assets, like images, etc) of the web application I am working on in a zip archive. I could have done this from /bin/bash, as I am already running some command line statements to run webpack and compile my React JS project, but I already output two EAR files based on the same frontend during Maven build, so I thought it would be more elegant to generate the 3rd output from Maven as well, despite it being a simple zip archive.

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My first steps on the stock market

I’ve always been interested in creating and preserving value, but lately I am also looking for ways that would allow me to retire early – at least earlier than 65, which is the official age at the moment in Romania – and would allow me not to fully depend on a day job or a pension from the state. Being a minimalist helps a lot in keeping the balance between expenses and savings in control, but in the current economic climate it is quite hard for the average person to preserve the value of his savings. Banks give an interest rate well below the rate of inflation, so keeping my money in bank deposits is not an option for long term… 

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