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Category: Development

Create a zip/tar/tar.gz/tar.bz2 archive with Maven

Until now all I had to generate form Maven was either a JAR file, or a WAR for web apps or EAR for enterprise applications. But this week I got a new task: I had to export the frontend (HTML, CSS, JS and all other assets, like images, etc) of the web application I am working on in a zip archive. I could have done this from /bin/bash, as I am already running some command line statements to run webpack and compile my React JS project, but I already output two EAR files based on the same frontend during Maven build, so I thought it would be more elegant to generate the 3rd output from Maven as well, despite it being a simple zip archive.

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WebSocket example in Java

WebSocket is a communication protocol providing a bi-directional communication channel between client and server. It allows us to directly send a message to the clients whenever something changes on the server side and we want all clients to be notified. Let’s see the skeleton for a simple WebSocket example in Java.

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Solving the Jetty file locking problem when starting it programmatically

In the past few weeks I was required to create a prototype for the frontend of a project and because the focus is only on the frontend, I’ve chosen Jetty to create a simple mock server that would respond with simple JSON messages or stream some image files. I also use Jetty to serve the static files, like static images, CSS, JS that I am continuously modifying while developing the new frontend. Because I am developing on Windows, I have run quite soon into the file locking problem.

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How I blocked most ads on all devices connected to my network

Even though I already suffer from complete ad-blindness, sometimes they still annoy me, especially when it comes to mobile apps when a whole screen filled with ads just pops up randomly. Not to mention those sneaky pop-ups/pop-unders in your browser. I’ve tried different ad blockers, both on Windows/Ubuntu and Android, but wasn’t very happy with them.

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AngularJS workshop at 3Pillar Global

In the past two weeks I have participated at an AngularJS workshop organized by 3Pillar Global and hosted by Cornel Ştefănache. The news about the event I’ve received in an email from a colleague of mine and registered for it in no time. About 10 minutes later when I’ve tried to register one of my coworkers as well, the tickets were already sold out. During the workshop we have found out that there were a total of 20 tickets available and they’ve been all sold out in just one hour.

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Speeding up Eclipse

Do you usually ask questions during an interview about the computer and other hardware you will be using if you get the job? And about the software? Well, I didn’t, and after using IntelliJ Idea from the beginnings and never having less than 8 gigs of RAM in my machines, I woke up with a laptop with 4GB RAM and Eclipse.

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