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Category: Portfolio

LINK Imobiliare – a real estate agency website

It all happened in march, this year, when I left my job at Frequestis and before starting a new job at BoatYard X, I had a month free. I thought it would be fun to take a short break before a new job. Made some great plans, visiting my parents, going to Italy for a week, just recharging my batteries. Long story short, Covid hit Romania and we thought it would be better if we canceled our trip to Italy (which it was!). So I found myself at home alone for a whole month. At that time I was contacted by someone who needed a new website for their real estate agency…

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WordPress plugin development: AstroKarten

Although in the past I did quite a lot of small freelance jobs, I became too comfortable just doing my full-time job and nothing more, even though working on the same project for years does not give you that fulfillment small and interesting projects can give. After returning from our holiday in Greece, I still had a few days off work, so I thought I would try my luck on UpWork. I knew it was going to be difficult, especially as I have no ratings and didn’t work a minute on the site, but I got lucky…

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Car Running Costs Calculator

About two weeks ago a coworker of mine at UNIQA Raiffeisen Software Service, Liviu has appeared at work with an Excel sheet that calculated the running costs of his car including devaluation, taxes and so on. We immediately made the calculations for our own vehicles and started comparing the results. I thought that it was a great idea, that could come handy in several situations, but it wasn’t quite user-friendly.

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