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Lopakodó – the result of my boredom

Usually when a developer has nothing to do for a while and becomes bored of reading/watching videos and there is nothing to do outside due to bad weather, eventually some idea will pop in his head. Now the chance that this idea is related to his work is quite high…

Lately I have been browsing the marketplace of DynaDot and saw some pretty pricey premium domain names and inevitably started looking for available domain names that might be worth something in the near future. After an hour spent with no results, I became curious what kind of websites are built on some cool looking domain names. This is how I have found, which was available for registration…

The word “lopakodó” in Hungarian means stealth, so it’s quite a cool domain name, I was surprised that no one has registered it before. I instantly had an idea for a very small project that I have implemented that day: an anonymous link forwarder.

Unfortunately the main template is not my work, I suck at designing stuff from scratch. I have slightly modified a simple vCard template to suit my needs, but at that time I thought I looked awesome.

The page allows you to generate a link that you may use in your website. The result is something similar to (linking to

There is also a page describing how the link forwarder may be used on any website. It is pretty straightforward, the user only needs to pass a URL as a parameter.

The whole project was written in PHP and JavaScript in only a few hours. It is a plain simple project, I have only created it because I thought that the domain name was the perfect match for a similar site. I have used it a few times to link pages from my Hungarian blog that Google would not really appreciate, but other than that it is not popular, nor do I plan to increase its popularity. Although I have created this site almost two years ago, I still find it to be cool little project and thought it is worth adding it to my portfolio.