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One year without cable TV

It’s been a year since we’ve cut the cable and got rid of our TV and in retrospect it was one of the best decisions, I definitely have no intentions of going back. I can’t say I’ve missed it for a second and I do feel that my afternoons have slightly improved. 

Ever since I left home in 2007, I didn’t have cable or any kind of TV, just my PC/laptop and Internet connection. To be honest, I have never felt the need to have a TV, I would only be interested in watching Formula 1, which I can very well watch on the Internet, there are dozens of live streams in different languages. But when I moved to my own place in 2014 and wanted to sign a contract with the local Internet provider, they told me that it was only possible together with cable television and only if I signed for at least two years. Being the only provider in my area, I had no other options, I’ve signed up for TV and Internet for two years…

But in 2016 came with another Internet provider in my area and when the contract expired at the end of the year, my current provider was quite happy to sign a new contract, this time only Internet with a hefty discount. The trick was quite simple, just had to say 3 times that I did not want to use their services anymore. Yes, 3 is some kind of magic number…

I read a whole lot more

One of the benefits of cutting the cable is that I read more. I very much enjoyed reading even before, but most evening it felt easier to just sit on the sofa and stare at the TV watching Ice Road Truckers or Two and a Half Men for the 234234th time (random number) instead of grabbing a good book and reading. I track all the books I read, so it is not hard to see the difference between 2016 vs 2017:

Reading list 2016
Reading list 2017

I won’t pay to watch ads anymore

Have you ever felt that there was too much movie between ads? I sometimes forgot what I was watching before the ads and switched to another channel and only when it was too late did I remember that it was something I was interested in. Another issue with the ads is that it screws with my brain, it happened that I got the flu and went to the nearest pharmacy and without thinking too much I’ve asked for the product I saw the previous day in the ads… Yeah, no thanks, I rather do my research before buying anything or ask for advice. Not to mention that nowadays ads don’t sell actual products, they are trying to sell feelings, happiness, love and other feeling that you could instantly get if you just buy a Coke or a new M3. It’s not only that I am wasting my time watching ads, but I am paying a monthly fee to do it!

It pleases the frugal and minimalist inside me

I pay less, so I am happy. Compared to my TV+Internet bill in the previous year, I payed around 70% less this year. The price difference in 12 months almost fully funded my short holiday at lake Balaton. Also, one less object in my home and one less thing that could break or get outdated.

To conclude, I think cutting the cable was a very good decision. I didn’t miss it for a second, since everything I needed from the TV can be found on the Internet from news to the different types of entertainment, everything. Moreover, when I am tired and am not in the mood for anything, I still grab a good book and read instead of just staring out from my head staying in front of a box that is filling my head with products I need to buy tomorrow to be loved or be happier. What a cr@p…