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Tag: Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service

Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service

Crosul Companiilor 2016

Crosul Companiilor is a 5k run organized in all major cities in Romania every year. I’ve been preparing for it for the first time in 2012 with the guys from Wolters Kluwer, but it was organized in the same weekend I planned my vacation on. Back then I’ve chosen to go to Greece instead of sweating with the others. And then in every year I had better stuff to do then running, so never participated.

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Car Running Costs Calculator

About two weeks ago a coworker of mine at UNIQA Raiffeisen Software Service, Liviu has appeared at work with an Excel sheet that calculated the running costs of his car including devaluation, taxes and so on. We immediately made the calculations for our own vehicles and started comparing the results. I thought that it was a great idea, that could come handy in several situations, but it wasn’t quite user-friendly.

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It’s official, I’m a job hopper…

I think time has come for me to confess for myself that I have become a job hopper. No kidding, I hardly have 4 years of experience actually working for companies and this is already my 4th workplace. Yikes! My average time spent at a company is not even a whole year! The longest time I have spent working for a company is only one year and six months. Now it seems very little time, but when you do the same thing every day for more than a year, it seems like an eternity…

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