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Thoughts on success

I remember having a discussion during some course a while ago about success. We were presented pictures of actors, singers, some fancy building of a bank, expensive sport cars and a huge mansion with an enormous garden and swimming pool and we had to chose from the pictures what meant success for us.

My partner simply pointed to the picture with the singer and said that it was the one that represented success for her and explained that he probably has an easy job, he’s just going on tours and travels all around the world, he probably has a sh!tload of money, and most importantly he is well-known.
And I was just sitting there, not being able to chose. After a long and awkward silence I said that I couldn’t chose one, because none of those represented success for me. Moreover, I don’t want to achieve/get any of those. And once again I was the weird guy in the room.

But it made me think why all the pictures represented fame or wealth as success. I can’t be the only one who is not interested in these, so why didn’t they bring some more photos with idk… a happy family or a random person who just did 100 push-ups? I mean, ain’t that success? And if not, does that mean, that 99% of us are unsuccessful?

I refuse to believe that some people are successful only because they were born with some special talent. Anyone can achieve exceptionally good results in any field, given enough time and energy is invested into it, and you’d probably only do that if you really are into that thing. But what about those like me, who just like to try out random stuff and get bored of it pretty fast? You know, the ones who are not really passionate about anything. What about average Joe, who is a reliable person, a good father, husband, taking care of his health, his environment, but you’ve never heard about him?